Corn snake-snow morph

A Snow Morph of the Corn Snake.

Corn snake

An Amelanistic Corn Snake morph.

Corn snakes are beautiful pet snakes that are perfect for begginer snake hobbyists. They come in a wide variety of color morphs, and each one is attractive in it's own way. Corn snakes range from 4-6 feet long and live from about 6-8 years. These snakes are moderately priced and can be found in virtually any pet store.



Corn snakes hail from the woodland regions of the South-Eastern United States, and require a very simplistic terrarium. A 20 gallon long terrarium is perfect for these snakes, but a lock should be kept on the access to the terrarium to prevent these escape artists from slithering away. A substrate of aspen bedding is perfect for these serpents, with a depth of at least 2 inches to allow these secretive reptiles to cover themselves. Carpet, paper towels and reptile-safe bark are also good choices for substrate. A hide is neccesary for the well-being of corn snakes, and branches for climbing can be used to prevent boredom. Artificial plants will also make the terrarium look more natural. A large tupperware container with a whole cut in the side and filled with humid moss will provide adequate humidity, can help with shedding, and provides a cool hiding place for corn snakes. A basking spot, preferably over a branch or rock, should be about 80-85 degrees. The rest of the tank should be about 75-80 degrees.


Corn snakes will eat pinkie mice and can be weaned onto fuzzies when they reach a certain weight, and then can be weaned onto adult mice when they get heavier, but will refuse to eat if the variables in the enclosure aren't right. Fresh water should always be provided in the enclosure.

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